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ALAN'S UNIQUE CAR CARRIERS fleet comprises of three modern Scania Trucks and 3 Trailers comprising of 2 x 3 car enclosed trailers and 1 x Race car transporter, with future trailers planned.

Our Fleet is meticulously maintained - Mechanically and visually. The trailers unique set up was designed by Alan himself where the cars all sit behind each other and are strapped down by their tyres.

Our newest addition a 5-6 Car Race Car Transporter was also designed by Alan himself, however this is different to our other trailers as it is a trail gate lifter and was designed for race car events and special events where more than one car is required at a time.

Low Cars – No Problems our trailers are on air bags therefore when we arrive to pick up your vehicle the back door lowers down to become a ramp and the air bags on the trailer are lowered therefore we have no problems with low vehicles.

Secret Cars – are fully enclosed therefore they are ideal for vehicles that have not been released yet or for new and detailed vehicles to arrive in the condition they left in.

Non-Going Cars - We are able to do most non-going vehicles as long as they steer and roll, the car has to accessible at both ends for a full size semitrailer. We do not go onto private property unless it is an industrial estate therefore we assess all non-going vehicles before we will accept the transport.

Clean and easy loading!


Prestige Cars

prestige1Let your prestige car travel 1st class in a safe and secure fully enclosed car transporter, our equipment has been designed to cater for your most prized possession and our drivers are experienced and passionate about their jobs transporting your vehicle is what they do best.

Classic Cars

classic1At Alan’s Unique Car Carriers we specialise in transporting classic cars, we carry Cadillacs, Mustangs, Buicks, Cobra’s, we can do most vehicles as long as they have four wheels, our transporters have been designed by Alan Norton using a strapping system where the straps are secured over the tyres to secure your vehicle whilst in the transporter.

Vintage Cars

vintage1We have moved steam cars, wooden wheeled cars, old Rolls Royce’s, Jaguar’s, Ford’s and Holden’s, restorations, anything as long as it Rolls and steers and is accessible we can transport it!

Sports Cars

sports1Don’t worry about how low your sports car is, Alan designed his transporters to take low cars, our unique car transporters are set up on air bags therefore the trailers can be lowered making the angle for lower vehicles accessible without causing damage.

Race Cars

sports1Alan has now designed his very own race car transporter that can carry up to 5 vehicles and in some cases 6 vehicles. This new transporter is a tail gate lifter and was specially built to do multiple cars for race meets, touring events, and advertising campaigns, wherever multiple cars are needed this is the transporter for you.

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